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Stop Bickering and Immediately Improve Your Bond

Couple sitting on the floor playing piano in an endearing way. Don’t singlehandedly kill your relationship.

Don’t Singlehandedly Kill Your Relationship “We bicker all the time, she’s so critical of me and I don’t feel like I am doing anything right. What should I do?” – Anthony, Boston Is your relationship not what it used to be? Over time, have you and your partner replaced locking loving gazes with looks of […]

How to Repair From a Fight

Couple facing each other, the man is holding flowers and the girl is smiling. You Can Truly Start Anew

So You Can Truly Start Anew All couples fight, even happy ones. Some successful couples even have big arguments. But most couples DO NOT recover from a fight. Here’s a typical scene. Partner A gets upset. They express this to Partner B. Partner B defends and explains themselves. Partner A then feels unheard and re-explains […]

What Barbie Got Wrong

Barbie and Ken from the Barbie movie driving away from Barbieland singing. It's So Subtle.

And It’s So Subtle There’s been so much hype around the Barbie movie. So far, it has earned over $1.34 billion worldwide. Wow! It is the biggest global earner for Warner Bros. ever, and the highest-grossing domestic movie of the year. Well done Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie! So, with all the craze, I had […]

A Proven Way to Heal Shame

Man sitting on a couch with his hand on his forehead seeming ashamed. Feel Better

And Instantly Feel Better Many of my clients come from families where they were regularly criticized or shamed for doing something that their parents deemed “wrong” or “bad”. Parents would often explain that criticizing or shaming was how they “taught” their children to do better in life and not make the same mistakes. Unfortunately, parents […]