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Dr. Gloria Lee

Psychologist, Author, & Educator
Specializing In: Relationships, Emotional & Mental Health, Family & Parenting, & Leadership


Dr. Gloria Lee is a well respected and trusted authority on relationships, emotional and mental fitness, family and parenting, and leadership. For 24 years, she has been transforming the lives of people from despair and hopelessness to connected and fulfilled.

She is a Registered Psychologist, Clinical Director at Brentwood Counselling Centre, best selling and award winning author, professor in counselling psychology, clinical supervisor and trainer for therapists and graduate students, sought after speaker, consultant, and advocate for social justice and mental health.

Dr. Lee’s expertise includes helping stuck couples caught in the vicious cycle of fights to connect in a deeper and closer way. Couples learn the root causes of their conflict and apply simple and effective principles to transform their relationship.

Over the years, she has helped countless couples turn their relationship around from conflicted to vitalized. She is the author of the Amazon best selling and award winning book, The Kickass Couple: 7 Secrets to Transform Your Relationship. 

Dr. Lee has advanced training in the areas of couples therapy, family therapy, parenting, leadership, depression, anxiety, shame, resiliency, self-compassion, trauma, grief, anger, and neuropsychology. 

Not only does she teach on these areas, but she shows you how to become an active participant in your own healing so that you can take control of your mental and emotional health and stop relying on professional help (not good for business). Therapy clients and participants of her courses often report this “no B.S. approach” is the key factor that sets Dr. Lee apart.   

In addition to her success with individuals and couples, Dr. Lee is also known for her effectiveness in helping families and parents. She supports families with adult children and parents to understand their long-term conflict, relate in a healthier way, and repair their attachment bond.

For parents with younger children and youth, Dr. Lee also offers a different approach to parenting that does not just provide skills and tools, but changes parenting from the inside out. Thus, parents don’t have to “try harder” to be better parents, but can learn an internal blueprint to make simple, healthy, and lasting changes.

Parents can finally make sense of  why they parent the way they do, shift their parenting style, feel confident as parents, and enjoy parenting! 

Another area that Dr. Lee has a heart for is in leadership development. She helps leaders turn toxic workplaces into healthy and safe work environments, coaches them in emotional intelligent leadership, and trains them in building work cultures that encourages productivity and growth.

Dr. Lee is a highly sought after speaker and educator. She caters her talks to your unique situation and audience. To learn more about common speaking topics, to design your own talk, or to book Dr. Lee for your next event, click here.




“Deep human connection is… the purpose and the result of a meaningful life – and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity.” – Melinda Gates