Friendship Assessment Quiz

Three friends facing a mountain landscape close together. Improve your life

To improve your life! Our friendships comprise some of the most important relationships in our lives, sometimes even beyond marital bonds and family ties. I truly believe that the quality of our friendships correlates with the quality of our lives. And research backs this up. It has been found that people with deep friendships live […]

How to Save a Dying Marriage

Couple hugging each other outdoors in a snowy day. Bring it Back to Life

And Bring it Back to Life How do you know if your marriage is dying a slow death? Most couples don’t realize it until it’s (almost) too late. By the time they seek out professional help (if they even do so), they’ve been struggling in their marriage for years or even decades. So, how do […]

Why You Want to Invest in Females

Two women in business outfits sitting by a window discussing something in a positive manner. You will benefit too.

How you will benefit too March 8 is International Women’s Day. I find it oddly peculiar that it falls on the same day as my mother’s birthday, the woman who gave birth to me and made it possible for me to write this message to you today. When I think about my mother, my grandmother, and […]

#1 Tip to Loving Well

Couple sitting close together holding each other's hand with a ring on the woman's finger. Takes less trying.

Which takes less trying How do you love well? Is it by convincing yourself to keep loving someone…even when you don’t feel it? Is it by “speaking” their love language so they feel loved? Or is it by doing more, so the love doesn’t fade over time? All of the above may help but are […]

Is Love Dying in Your Relationship?

Couple sitting on chairs across each other in an empty room looking distant and upset. Is it too late to save it?

And is it too late to save it? What’s the opposite of love? Is it hate? I don’t think so. You see, when I hear partners say, “I hate you”, it usually means something like, “I am so angry with you, I feel hurt by you, and disappointment with you because I love you and […]

True Love on Valentine’s Day

Many tiny heart-shaped candies laid out with focus on one heart in the middle. It's not what you think.

And it’s not what you think Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day of love, romance, passion, and desire. But is it really? Did you know Valentine’s Day originated as a feast to celebrate the beheading of Christian martyrs in the 3rd century? According to historical documents of Belgian monks, there were several St. Valentinus who were executed […]

It’s Your Lucky Year

Kids kissing a female caregiver with red cards on their hands for Lunar New Year.

Happy Lunar New Year Every year in mid-January, I Google search “when is Lunar New Year 202_?” And I set aside that day to celebrate with family.  This tradition of celebration started from as young as I can remember. Eating certain foods, attending special festivities, and the best part, receiving lucky money in red envelopes. […]

My Birthday Wish 

Elaborate birthday cake on a stand. Blessing to you.

And blessing to you Today is my birthday. It’s a funny thing that the older I get, the less desire I have to celebrate, but the more I long to contemplate.  I contemplate how there are more years behind me than before me, and how to live my best life for the remaining years.  I […]

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

A happy family on Christmas Day.

So It Can Be Relaxing and Enjoyable The holiday season brings a feeling of overwhelm for many. As we gear up for the season, there are so many things to plan, organize, and prepare for.   We multitask (beyond what we’ve already been multitasking) to fit in things like buying and wrapping gifts, baking cookies, attending […]

Why you will marry the wrong person

Couple on the bed ignoring each other and how to avoid it

And how to avoid it Most of us believe that the person we marry will be the “right one”. This is why we chose them. They make us happy, and we want this happy feeling to become permanent, so we marry them. Unfortunately, that’s not how it usually goes. Most of us will actually end […]

Why Women Get Sick More Often

Woman looking sick with stuffy nose covered in red blanket and what you may be ignoring.

And What You May Be Ignoring Last week, I described why people get sick in unhappy relationships. Today, I want to delve deeper into why women, in particular, are much more prone to developing autoimmune conditions, brain diseases, and mental illnesses than men. Alarmingly, women comprise of 80% of all people with autoimmune issues, two-thirds of […]

Why People Get Sick in Bad Relationships

Lonely woman in the corner of a white room, feeling sick and sad. And how you might be one of them.

And How You Might Be One of Them People in unhappy and unhealthy relationships get sick much more often than those in happy and healthy relationships. This is because animosity, arguments, and discord create stress. And when we are stressed, our brain produces cortisol, the stress hormone. We all need a bit of cortisol for […]

Great people can be terrible partners

A couple feeling terrible and disappointed with each other. You may be one of them.

And you may be one of them​. Can great people be terrible partners? Absolutely. And you may be one of them but not even know it. You can be great at your work and be a wonderful employee or leader. You can have a stellar education and be highly skilled in many areas of life. […]

Why Complaining is Addictive

Two women complaining to each other. It will destroy your life.

And how it will destroy your life All of us have complained before. It’s human nature to do so from time to time when we feel wronged. But for some of us, complaining has become an addiction. How do you know if you’re addicted to complaining? One clue is that your first automatic reaction is […]

The Impact of Neglect on Your Adult Relationships

Couple arguing with toddler next to the adults. Childhood Emotional Neglect Influences Adult Attachment Styles

How Childhood Emotional Neglect Influences Adult Attachment Styles Were you abused in childhood and don’t even know it? Most of us are aware of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even verbal abuse. But the most “neglected” type of abuse is emotional neglect. It is defined as a relationship pattern in which a child’s emotional needs […]