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Why Women Get Sick More Often

Woman looking sick with stuffy nose covered in red blanket and what you may be ignoring.

And What You May Be Ignoring Last week, I described why people get sick in unhappy relationships. Today, I want to delve deeper into why women, in particular, are much more prone to developing autoimmune conditions, brain diseases, and mental illnesses than men. Alarmingly, women comprise of 80% of all people with autoimmune issues, two-thirds of […]

Why People Get Sick in Bad Relationships

Lonely woman in the corner of a white room, feeling sick and sad. And how you might be one of them.

And How You Might Be One of Them People in unhappy and unhealthy relationships get sick much more often than those in happy and healthy relationships. This is because animosity, arguments, and discord create stress. And when we are stressed, our brain produces cortisol, the stress hormone. We all need a bit of cortisol for […]