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A Proven Way to Heal Shame

Man sitting on a couch with his hand on his forehead seeming ashamed. Feel Better

And Instantly Feel Better Many of my clients come from families where they were regularly criticized or shamed for doing something that their parents deemed “wrong” or “bad”. Parents would often explain that criticizing or shaming was how they “taught” their children to do better in life and not make the same mistakes. Unfortunately, parents […]

Why We Lie in Relationships

Woman sitting down with a neutral facial expression while a man covers her eyes with his hands. We Do It a Lot.

And We Do It a Lot Most of you may think that you are an honest person. But research shows that the average adult lies 1 to 2 times a day and is lied to 10 to 200 times a day. The ironic thing is, none of us want to be lied to, but all […]

Are You Hiding Your Scars?

I’ve been thinking about scars this week. Two years ago on April 1, in the height of the pandemic I had hip replacement surgery. I woke up with 50 staples holding the two sides of my hip together. At first, nobody knew about my surgery, except for my “bubble”. It was the perfect time to […]