Why You Want to Invest in Females

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How you will benefit too

March 8 is International Women’s Day. I find it oddly peculiar that it falls on the same day as my mother’s birthday, the woman who gave birth to me and made it possible for me to write this message to you today.

When I think about my mother, my grandmother, and the women who came before them in my ancestral line, I see the sacrifices made and understand that I wouldn’t be here today without them paving the way.

Both my mother and grandmother were uneducated, poor, non-English speaking, stay-at-home caretakers. They both married and had children at a young age (my grandmother had 11 kids and my mom had 6) and gave up their careers to care for their children and to allow their husbands the opportunity to elevate their careers. It wasn’t necessarily their choice, but the choice that societal barriers and cultural norms had placed on them.

This is also the lot for many women around the world, from ancient times to modern day.

Then I think about my life. So much of what I do today professionally and who I’ve become personally is a reflection of the matriarchs that have gone before me, but never had the opportunity to realize in their lifetime.

So, I find it both an honour and a responsibility to use the privilege given to me to better our world today. And one way is by helping people to understand how investing in women is beneficial not just for women, but for all of humanity.

I’ve put together a list of the top reasons why it’s in YOUR best interest, and in the best interest of society as a whole, to invest in girls’ and women’s education, health, and financial wellbeing.

  1. Economic Growth:
  • According to the McKinsey Global Institute, advancing women’s equality could add $12 trillion to the global GDP by 2025.
  • The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report highlights that countries with greater gender equality tend to have higher GDP per capita.
  • The International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that closing the gender gap in the labour market could result in a 27% increase in global GDP.


  1. Education and Workforce Participation:
  • The World Bank emphasizes that educating girls and women leads to better economic outcomes, including increased productivity and income.
  • UNESCO states that closing the gender gap in education could lead to an estimated 112 million fewer people living in extreme poverty.
  • The World Economic Forum notes that increasing women’s participation in the labour market can contribute to economic diversification and reduce income inequality.


  1. Health and Family Well-being:
  • UNICEF reports that educated women are more likely to seek healthcare services for themselves and their children, leading to improved family health.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) finds that empowering women with education contributes to lower child mortality rates and better maternal health.
  • The Gates Foundation notes that educated women are more likely to invest in their children’s education and health, creating a positive cycle of development.


  1. Political and Social Stability:
  • The World Bank asserts that women’s participation in decision-making processes contributes to better governance and political stability.
  • UN Women highlights that countries with higher levels of gender equality are less likely to experience civil conflict and more likely to sustain peace.
  • The World Economic Forum emphasizes the importance of gender diversity in leadership roles for driving innovation and fostering a more inclusive society.


  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation:
  • The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) reports that increasing women’s involvement in entrepreneurship positively impacts economic growth and job creation.
  • The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) finds that gender diversity in innovation contributes to a wider range of perspectives and more successful outcomes.


By supporting girls and women economically and educationally, we not only empower individuals but also contribute to building more resilient, prosperous, and equitable societies. These facts and statistics provide a strong foundation illustrating the wide-ranging positive impacts of supporting females this International Women’s Day and beyond.

To start, I encourage you to visit www.unwomen.org/en to see how you can be a global champion for gender equality and women’s human rights. 

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