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Relationship Coaching Areas of Focus

Couples Coaching

For those who are married or in a committed relationship who want to get their relationship back on track, extract the root causes of their problems, and learn new relational skills for effective communication and conflict resolution. Enrich the connection with your partner today.

Premarital Coaching

For couples who are engaged or considering marriage. We examine the top issues common to all marriages, learn how to avoid these pitfalls, and establish a healthy foundation that prepares you for a lifetime of love.

Self-Development Coaching

For individuals who desire a healthy and loving relationship with themselves. This is the most important relationship in your life. It impacts all other relationships that you have, for better or worse. To build a solid foundation with yourself that firmly equips you for healthy relationships, we examine all parts of the self. You will repair, restore, and strengthen the core of who you are, and learn skills for life-long growth and development.

Breakup Recovery Coaching

For individuals or couples who have recently ended a committed relationship or marriage. We unpack the unraveling of the relationship, identify unhealthy patterns, and reap the lessons learned. You will rebuild from the inside out and feel prepared for and excited about the next big adventure in your life.

Relationship Discernment Coaching

For individuals or couples contemplating ending a relationship, a friendship, or cutting family ties. We explore the ramifications of leaving or staying, work through the emotional and the mental barriers, and arrive at a thoughtful decision that peacefully aligns with your core values and sense of integrity. You will design a future that feels authentic and attainable.

Family Relationship Coaching

For families who want to repair and strengthen their bond. We explore the family system and shift unhealthy dynamics to healthy connections that encourage safety, trust, and closeness between each member and as a family unit.

Parent-Child Coaching

For parents of minor children (under 19) who want to learn healthy and effective parenting skills. We dissect your triggers as a parent, learn simple and concrete skills to boost your competence and confidence as a parent. You will find joy and closeness in the relationship with your child again.

Adult Child & Parent Coaching

For adult children and their (aging) parents. You’ve always desired a healthier and happier relationship with each other. This is your chance to make this happen. Finish the “unfinished business” from earlier years. Gain a fresh perspective on your relationship with each other, learn new skills to break the old unhealthy patterns of relating, and establish a new connection, so both sides feel safe, seen, and heard. It’s now or never.

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Dr. Gloria Lee works privately with a select number of qualified clients each year. Her executive relationship coaching is an investment that will give you the structure, focus, and accountability to achieve real, lasting, positive results in your most important relationships.
Application to her coaching does not guarantee acceptance, as Dr. Lee has limited availability each year that she dedicates exclusively to her coaching clients.
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