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The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have

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Throughout the last 24 years of being a therapist, I’ve supported clients in their relationships with their partner, children, parents, colleagues, boss, friends, and even God. However, I’ve never had a client come see me to work on their relationship with themselves.

Ironically, all other relationships we have with others are dependent on our relationship with ourselves. But most of us don’t even consider this relationship. It’s not even in our radar that it’s a “thing”.

During the course of therapy, clients come to understand and appreciate their relationship with themselves. It’s an incredible journey of watching individuals who have struggled with self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and shame come to love themselves, value their worth, and have compassion for their more vulnerable parts.

When people come to recognize their inherent goodness and worthiness and start treating themselves with respect and kindness, something incredible happens. Their relationship with others automatically changes for the better.

There is something profound when we fully embrace who we are (the good, the bad, and the ugly). We shift the way we see ourselves, relate to ourselves, and treat ourselves. This then changes the way others see us, relate to us, and treat us.

What we think is who we’ll become. Who we become is what we’ll attract.

My hope for you, my friend, is that you will begin to develop your relationship with yourself. The most important relationship you’ll ever have. When you do, you transform the trajectory for your life for good. Because you are good.

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