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3 Questions to Help you Grow in 2023

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Reflection is one of the most powerful ways to gauge where your life is at and areas you need to grow in. And there’s no better time to reflect than at the end of the year.

As we’re wrapping up 2022, here are 3 powerful questions you can ask yourself to successfully reflect on your life and areas of personal growth for the new year.

1.     What was the greatest challenge you had this year and how did you deal it?

This question helps you to determine your resilience, resourcefulness, and mindset. Did you overcome this challenge? If so, how? Do more of this in the new year when you encounter an obstacle or a hardship.

Perhaps you’re still going through the challenge, but think about where you were at, at the beginning of this challenge and where you are at now. Was there some progress? If so, count your successes and it will motivate you to go even further with achieving your goal or overcoming the challenge.

If not, do one thing daily that will help you to get closer to your goal or overcoming the challenge. And next year, when you reflect back, you will be that much better for it.

2.     What did you do that made you feel happy or most alive this year?

By reflecting on this, you will discover your “why” in life. That is, it will tell you what matters to you, what you’re passionate about, and what your purpose is. The answer will lead you to what you should do more of next year.

3.     Who were the people that you really leaned on to get through this year?   

When you reminisce about your tribe, these are the core people who have given you meaning and purpose in life. They are the individuals who deeply care for you and love you, even if you don’t recognize it. These are the people you need to invest more in next year and express your gratitude for while you still can.

No matter what happened this year or however you think you did, your reflection will help you to determine the direction you need to grow in, what you need to do more of to feel greater fulfilment in life, and who the people are that you should invest your time and energy in.

Here’s to a new year of overcoming challenges and living your best life with the people whom you love.

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