Happy Lunar New Year!

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I get to celebrate new year’s day twice every year. The first time is on January 1, and the second time…well, it depends.

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year (LNY) falls on a different day each year between January and February, depending on the lunar calendar. This year it is on January 22.

As a Chinese Canadian, LNY has always been part of my upbringing and heritage. It is a time for celebration, renewal, and coming together with loved ones. It’s a holiday that holds a special place in the hearts of over 2 billion people around the world.

For those in Western societies, it can be a wonderful opportunity to learn about and celebrate a rich and diverse culture. If you ever get a chance to travel to Asia during this time of year, you should do it. The festivities are amazing, they have the world’s largest firework shows, and the food…well, where do I begin!

For me, LNY is very nostalgic. It reminds me of family gatherings, huge feasts cooked by my grandfather, receiving red envelopes filled with money, watching the lion’s dance parade, and participating in festive customs.

Growing up as a Chinese Canadian, I’ve come to appreciate and embrace my bi-cultural background. Having experienced the best and the worst of both worlds, I recognize my unique perspective in life. I see the richness and value each culture brings and can easily adapt to both. I also understand the nuances and the negatives of each.

In my work as a psychologist and educator, I blend the best of the collectivistic and the individualistic principles to serve my clients. In my online course, the Close & Connected Couples, I teach from this unique perspective and help couples to understand their problems in a fresh way so they can reconcile their differences and have real and lasting changes in their relationships.

It’s exciting to watch participants have these “aha” moments and transform their lives when they learn from this distinct model and apply new methods of improving and enriching their bond. 

If you’d like more information about the Close & Connected Couples program or would like to be notified about the next offering in the spring, please reply to this email or click here to get on the waitlist. I’d love to see you there and witness your transformation.

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