Healed & Healthy Relationships

Does this describe your relationship?

  • Your relationship is stuck in a rut and you don’t know how to make it better
  • The excitement and joy you once felt with your partner has sizzled 
  • You’re too busy with kids, work, and responsibilities to focus on your relationship
  • You fight in circles about the same (petty) things and don’t know how to make it better
  • You and your partner trigger each other and react in anger
  • Minor disagreements can erupt into full-blown arguments
  • You don’t like how you (or your partner) behave in your relationship and want to change these unhealthy habits once and for all

Achieve a Vitalized and Healthy Relationship for a Lifetime of Love.

Course starts May 1st, 2023

During the 5-week Connected Couple’s Program, you’ll discover…

  • The skills to successfully deal with your triggers so you don’t spark a fight.
  • How to overcome your anger so it doesn’t sabotage your communication
  • How to heal childhood attachment wounds and intergenerational trauma.
  • How to transform the vicious cycle of your arguments into meaningful conversations.
  • How to feel confident as a partner and build trust and care in your relationship.
  • How to deepen your bond to feel the joy & excitement in your relationship once again.
  • How to master effective and healthy communication skills to permanently shift your relationship dynamics for the better, so both partners feel heard and understood.

What Our Previous Students Learnt in The Connected Couple

Kayala · Part 1
Kayala · Part 1
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Prior to taking the Connected Couple's course, the relationship I had with my partner had some rough patches. We had broken up for a few months and decided to try to make it work. Although we have similar values and had a lot of fun being together, we would have arguments over what I call little things that bursted into heated arguments which caused a lot of stress which I learned in this course that it is trauma in my body. The relationship I have with myself was a 6/10-9/10 depending on the day. I feel that when I am consistent with my daily self care rituals I would have more clarity and confidence about myself. I understand that taking the time for myself and having balance has always been my goal and found it a challenge to be consistent which I learned that the love for myself was still not as much as I desired. I feel confident in who I am and what I’m about however I realize that I wasn’t truly honest with myself. The teachings and questions that were asked in class led me to seeing my blind spots.
Kayala · Part 2
Kayala · Part 2
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Wowowow! Gloria’s course is a life changer in all my relationships. I could already tell even on the first hour of the first class that left me in awe and excited to use the tools I learned. I cannot believe that by the 5th class I have confidence and hope that both my partner and I have the tools to have a happy and healthy relationship. I feel that it is a miracle that my partner was open to taking this course with me. He was originally closed to any “self help courses” and because he really wants to have a better relationship with me he was open. When he said yes to the course I felt this miracle coming. Now we have many tools to learn how to listen to understand, how to keep our cool, how to request and exactly how to form our sentences to support each other in our growth. We both have a deeper understanding of why we do what we do, why we react vs respond by identifying our attachment styles and our past these tools will help us immensely.
Kayala · Part 3
Kayala · Part 3
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There is a new level of communication with my partner, restored hope and now I’m feeling excitement to try out what we learned for our growth and expansion. I am forever grateful for Dr Gloria Lee for opening my eyes and heart to myself and my partner by teaching me the tools to becoming aware of my words and my actions in The Close and Connected Couple. Now that I have this awareness, I can take action. It was an a-ha moment for me to learn about our attachment styles because of how our parents were to us. Being in this course was like puzzle pieces coming together for me. Now it’s about being aware of the moments things happen for me to use my tools for a harmonious and happy relationship. I feel excited about my own growth and even moreso to have a partner I love that wants that much to grow with me. Thank you Dr Lee!

The 5 modules

The Secret to Understanding Your Partner

The Secret To Keeping Your Cool

The Secret To Stopping Fights and Getting Your Needs Met

The Secret to Becoming a Master Communicator

The Secret to Falling in Love With Your Partner All Over Again

How The Program Works

You can join this program as either…

– By yourself

– With you and your partner.

  • You’ll have weekly Q&A group sessions with Dr. Gloria Lee to overcome your challenges. 
  • 5 Modules will be released over the program, with exercises  to implement new principles and practices.
  • You’ll have access to resources, templates and even scripts. You don’t have to figure this out alone. 
  • You’ll receive log in details to our portal, with lifetime access to the program content and live Q&A replays. 

The next offering of The Connected Couple begins on May 1st, 2023.

Let me tell you… you can enjoy a lifelong relationship that is closeconnected and fulfilling.