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Community by Dr. Gloria Lee: the Relationship Collective Community

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The Relationship Collective Community is an expert-guided, community-powered membership platform equipping couples and individuals with a new way of seeing and solving challenges in your relationship.

“You will receive insights, practical strategies, short-term wins, and lifelong relational transformations. I’m so excited to guide you through this journey.”

– Dr. Gloria Lee

Award Winning & Amazon Bestselling Author

Join me and other supportive people facing similar challenges on this courageous journey to transform your relationship into the one you’ve always wanted.

Join The Community and Get:

A private and safe community of couples just like you, committed to restoring their relationship. Authentic sharing. Real stories. Genuine support. You’ll never feel alone again on this journey.

Teachings with Dr. Lee and expert partners. Curated expert lessons, catered to your relationship needs. 

Fresh monthly theme targeting core relationship obstacles. Overcome the most common relationship challenges. With accountability. No theme is off limits.

Practical exercises and skills to facilitate change immediately. Implementation and feedback.

Live Q&A with Dr. Lee to help you overcome barriers and gain insight and clarity on your relationship challenges.  

Close and connected couple cuddling on a bench in Paris.

Exclusive first access to events, courses, and special offers.

And so much more!

Relationship Collective - The Community

Please leave your information with us to join the waitlist for the Relationship Collective Community. We start June 1st, 2023.