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How Patriarchy Sabotages Relationships

How Patriarchy Sabotages Relationships And How to Break Free From Its Bondage

And How to Break Free From Its Bondage The Ripple Effect of Patriarchy on Relationships Internalized patriarchal norms don’t just harm individual men; they create relationship dynamics that can leave both partners feeling unfulfilled. Here are some ways: Poor Communication Skills: Communication breakdowns occur when men struggle to articulate their needs or fears. Often, feelings […]

How Patriarchy Hurts Men

How Patriarchy Hurts Men and What You Can Do About It

And What We Can Do About It When we hear the word “patriarchy,” most of us think about how it impacts women. But have you ever paused to consider how this age-old system harms men and sabotages their relationships?   I’ll be doing a two-part series on patriarchy. This week’s focus is on how patriarchy […]