THE KICKASS COUPLE: 7 Secrets to Transform Your Relationship | Paperback Edition




Have you always wanted a successful relationship that will stand the test of time?

Are there times you aren’t sure you will make it as a couple and let doubt creep into your relationship?

Do you want to know what makes great relationships thrive while so many others fail?

Through deeply personal and moving stories, The Kickass Couple explores how partners can become the vitalized couple they have always envisioned and form an unbreakable bond.

Drawing from research, personal experience, and clinical work as a psychologist, Dr. Gloria Lee reveals the key principles and practices you must get right to achieve a lifetime of love with your partner.

These transformational lessons redefine what true belonging in a relationship means and couples will feel empowered to forge a genuine and lasting change in their love life.

Turning away from the traditional methods of providing quick fixes to communication breakdowns or problem-solving techniques that only result in superficial solutions, Dr. Lee’s attachment-focused couples approach shifts your mindset from “what to do” to “who you are” and “how to be.”

In this must-read book, you quickly learn that through personal insight and awareness, couples discover how to improve their bond intentionally and create the relationship they desire.

Are you ready to become The Kickass Couple?

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