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How Avoidant Attachment Harms Intimacy

Couple sitting in bed distant and frustrated. Balancing Independence and Emotional Connection

Balancing Independence and Emotional Connection Do you love your partner but can’t truly feel close to them? Do you go through the motions in your relationship because you’re supposed to do certain things and not because you want to?  Do you prefer to show love with acts of service rather than quality time or expressing […]

Anxious Attachment in Romantic Relationships

Couple arguing at dinner table with one partner frustrated with the other. Recognizing and Overcoming Hypersensitivity

Recognizing and Overcoming Hypersensitivity Has anyone ever told you that you’re too sensitive? Or that you overthink things? Do you second guess your interactions with others, and afterwards, replay the scene over and over again with different versions of what you could have done differently? Do you overexplain to make sure people don’t misunderstand you […]

The Impact of Neglect on Your Adult Relationships

Couple arguing with toddler next to the adults. Childhood Emotional Neglect Influences Adult Attachment Styles

How Childhood Emotional Neglect Influences Adult Attachment Styles Were you abused in childhood and don’t even know it? Most of us are aware of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even verbal abuse. But the most “neglected” type of abuse is emotional neglect. It is defined as a relationship pattern in which a child’s emotional needs […]

Do you normalize mistreatment? You might and not even know it.

Woman walking away after mistreatment from partner.

Do you have a loved one (e.g., partner, parent, friend, family member) who does or says things to you that you don’t like, but you don’t do anything about it?  Do you excuse their poor behaviour by saying things like,  “Sometimes you have to look beyond the behaviour and love them anyway”.  Or how about, […]