Healed & Healthy Relationships

Do you normalize mistreatment? You might and not even know it.

Woman walking away after mistreatment from partner.

Do you have a loved one (e.g., partner, parent, friend, family member) who does or says things to you that you don’t like, but you don’t do anything about it?  Do you excuse their poor behaviour by saying things like,  “Sometimes you have to look beyond the behaviour and love them anyway”.  Or how about, […]

Dealing with Disappointment in Your Relationships

Have you ever been disappointed in your relationships? Although relationships are an essential part of our lives, whether they are with our family, friends, colleagues, or romantic partners, sooner or later they will be met with disappointment. This is just part of doing relationships. As humans, we all make mistakes and (un)intentionally hurt each other. […]

Are You Hiding Your Scars?

I’ve been thinking about scars this week. Two years ago on April 1, in the height of the pandemic I had hip replacement surgery. I woke up with 50 staples holding the two sides of my hip together. At first, nobody knew about my surgery, except for my “bubble”. It was the perfect time to […]

How to Break the Cycle of Trauma

Person alone with it's own shadow pointing at them.

As human beings, we are constantly shaped and influenced by our environment, experiences, and relationships. However, some of us carry the heavy burden of intergenerational trauma, passed down through generations like a dark inheritance. It can manifest in different ways, affecting our mental and emotional health, relationships, and overall well-being. But there is hope. You […]